Fun things to try on your next UK coastal holiday

Wind surfing at  Kimmeridge Bay Dorset
Equestrian riding her horse on the beach
Scuba diver silhouette from below
Cliff trekking in the UK summer

Due to the wetter climate and lack of warmer sunny days UK shores are often not considered a good coastal holiday destination. Well these shores may just surprise you. Surfing, surf skiing, kite surfing, wind surfing, sea kayaking, sailing, diving or beach horse riding could turn your holiday into an adventure. And if you're new to the game. Start your adventure under the guidance of experienced teachers anywhere across the country. With an abundance of surf sport activities to get your teeth into, a UK coastal holiday may just be the getaway you, your friends or family are looking for.

Autumn is the best time to surf UK breaks and the British coastline is full of surfing gems. There is a substantial surfing community in the UK and surf clubs are not limited to the coasts. From Cornwall in the South to Scotland in the North, most places are no more than a couple of hours drive from the coast. For this reason, surf clubs can be found right across the country.

Scuba divers are spoilt for choice along the Britich coast, with wrecks, scenic drift and an abundant sea life. The diving season runs from April to October but September and October are the warmest months for diving. You’re missing out on something special if you have ruled out diving off British shores due the colder climate. So take the plunge, wrap up in your trusty drysuit, and you’ll stay toasty warm whilst you uncover the secrets hidden in the depth below.

How about something for the itinerary of the more adventurous. Invisaged by surfers in the 80's, coasteering is a blend of rock-hopping, shore-scrambling, swell-riding, cave-exploring and cliff-jumping for the ultimate aquatic adventure. Pioneered in Wales, coasteering operations are also on offer in Cornwall, come experience the British coastline at close-quarters. 

If you prefer to keep your feet on dry land, take in the incredible coastal views, enjoy the cool sea breeze. Then coastal trekking may be just your cup of tea. Criss crossing the UK coast lines, managed and waymarked coastal paths run along the NW, NE, SE, SW coasts. Easy five mile trekking routes to more difficult 7-10 day treks, provide for a wide range of adventures to choose from.

If you are an equestrian you could try beach riding. Riding a horse on the beach and through the surf is a beatiful experience, different from country riding, experienced equestrians will want to do it again and again. The experience will blow first time riders away. There are a number of beaches around England and Wales that allow riding and BHS Approved centres that offer the opportunity to ride on a beach.

Want to escape the tech buzz of every day life, get closer to nature, then pitching a tent on a beach, in the dunes, on a cliff top or surrounded by marshlands could be the escape you have been looking for. Not ready to leave all those creature comforts just yet, then a campervan or motorhome may be more to your liking. Camping options to suite just about every need can be found all over the British coast, so go on, find a little home away from home.

Whether pitching a tent or sleeping in your campervan or car, being aware of the local campsites near your chosen location, is useful. Overnight or weekend adventures, are so much simpler when your overnight destinations are easy to find, and provide all the necessary amenities. Whatever your choice a Sea view camping guide can provide you with all the relative information you will need to plan your stay whether north, south, east and west of the country.